Praying Against Worldwide Human Trafficking


10365935_10203878389070162_6053373735708409279_nselfie3The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry began in 2000, with a clear call from The Lord.  It has hosted 9 international prayer and praise movements.  Patty has ministered to tens of thousands across the globe.

Patty is author of 12 books, with several presently underway.  She is working on them at the same time as working on full-length motion pictures that will advance the Body of Christ towards His Second Coming.  Author, singer/songwriter, prophetic artist and more, Patty has laid her life down before The Lord for many years.  She’s learned to walk “moment by moment” with His Continual Guidance and Instruction.  Prior to her call to ministry, Patty was a Controller and Management Consultant.

Patty Thomas is available to speak at your church, congregation, meeting, conference or other venue.  Contact:


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