Praying Against Worldwide Human Trafficking


In 2013, as Patty was praying during the Super Bowl game.  She began calling to The Lord to Bring His angels and Deliver His people.  Suddenly!  He Arrived with thousands of angels on one end of the Super Bowl stadium.  They filled the arena with their light.  It was at that moment the lights went out in Super Bowl stadium.

34 mins lights out stadium

In 2014, The Lord Asked Patty to start this prayer movement.  She became aware of the increase of human trafficking that surrounds events such as this.  She started a Facebook event and page, and asked people to join her in prayers.    She had been trained for many years in effective deliverance, and used these techniques.   Some 50 people were arrested on prostitution charges.  Sixteen of them were young women ages 13-17, some who had been kidnapped off the streets and sold into sexual slavery.  They were returned to their homes.

fbi arrests

In 2015, Patty built a WordPress blog site with information about human trafficking.  The Lord Came to her the night before the game and Told her to have her camera ready.   She worked late into the night again, and did fervent praying through the morning hours.  The Lord Stopped her from praying somewhere before 11:00 am, Saying, “That’s enough.”  During the halftime show as Katy Perry was “roaring” The Lion Of Judah ROARED as well.  He Shut down cable tv networks in various places across the United States.  See this post for even more information: “You’re Going To Hear ME ROAR!”

comcast-tv-notice dd-timewarnerdd-dish-network dd-directtv dd-comcast

In 2016, He Came to Patty and Said that this year would be a spiritual “showdown.”  He Wanted 20 minutes of praise each day for 20 days leading up to the game.  When Patty counted back the 20 days, she discovered God’s Precision yet again.  The praise begins on Martin Luther King day, who stood for freedom, especially from oppression.  He preached about standing up and doing what’s right when you see something that is wrong.  God Is Calling His people into fervent prayer and praise in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl.  He Has Said there will be “trouble” and that many are plotting and planning great catastrophes.  One report stated that there would be an influx of people to the stadium area of over 1.5 million.  It’s time for God’s people to respond to His Call to prayer and praise.  One can put a thousand to flight, and two can put ten thousand to flight.

Now, we are trying to get word of His Moving through this prayer “party” to the people of the world so they can join in praying, too.  We’ve already had commitments from pastors in other nations, and people have written to us.

Please let us know you will participate!  Share these posts with others.  And, please donate to help with the costs of ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and several other places.

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