June 6, 2023

Praying Against Worldwide Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Terrorism

God Answers Prayers Surrounding 2014 Super Bowl Prayer Party

2014 sbpp resultsIf you haven’t signed up to be a part of this prayer movement on Super Bowl Sunday, please join us!

Here’s some of the results of last year’s prayer efforts. Of course we’ll never know how many lives were affected as we did mass deliverance and prayer over the crowds in the stadium and those watching.  God Honors specific prayers. It’s not up to us to count.  It’s just on us to be the “laborers” who help bring in the harvest for The Lord.  We are “catalysts” that bring change into the lives of His people.  He Does the rest.  He Gets The Glory!  ALL OF IT!  PRAISE THE LORD!

This movement was God’s Idea!  He Is Prepared to Answer our prayers this year, too.  We are adding a special emphasis this year on sexual trafficking in general, especially of children.  We are also including human trafficking across the world.


Some of those rescued were MISSING CHILDREN!!! They were returned to their families.  Praise God!


Click here to join in this year’s efforts.  Let us know you are participating!  There are many posts coming with prayer points and more in the next couple of days.

Thank you!

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