September 25, 2023

Praying Against Worldwide Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Terrorism

Prayers And Mass Deliverance for 2015 Super Bowl Prayer Party


There are a couple of different approaches we are going to take during our prayer parties. Here are some basic things you need to know.

First, ALL prayers will be heard by God. He Lives within.
Second, He already Has angels standing by waiting for His Directives.
Third, He Hears the slightest intentions.
Fourth, He’s Waiting for you to help shift this nation and the lives of the people attending.

There are many ways to pray. All of them are acceptable.

  • Pray from your heart. Let go of the rote prayers you may have been taught. God Wants to Hear your pleas and cries to Him for the lives and souls of these people.  What if it was you, or a family member?  How would you cry out to God?
  • You can quote Scripture, and by so doing, remind God of what His Word Says.
  • You can repeat things over and over again with vehemence crying out to God for His Intervention
  • You can make declarations
  •  You can implore God to Act, and Do……..
  • You can act as an attorney for God’s people, with Him as The Judge.  Make a case, using Scriptures!
  • “Peradventure, Father!” For 10 righteous people in the US  please………..(we are made righteous not by our own works, but By The Blood Of Yeshua (Jesus.)
  •  You can ask The Father to Send His angels to…….
  •  You can do deliverance. This is one of the most effective forms of helping people.   A splinter will fester and become infected, causing soreness and pain unless it is removed. Same concept when we apply it to the demons, devils and spirits that afflict and affect people. When they are removed, lives are changed and set free. This is one of the prime things we will work on before, during and after the Super Bowl game.
  • You can pray The Lord Will Set the captives free as He Did in The Bible stories

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