September 25, 2023

Praying Against Worldwide Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Terrorism

Prayers For Those Caught in Sexual Slavery

Heavenly Father, we gather in Your Name for Your Honor and Glory.  We wish to be vessels of Your Mercies as we pray for those who are caught in sexual slavery.  Father1507851_10153448909667355_778844084_n, You See and You Know each and every tear that is cried by those who have been kidnapped, abducted, sold, and forced against their will to participate in things that are not of their own will.  Father, You See the times they are abused physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually.  You See the times they are drugged so they will be more “willing.”  You See the little children that have been ripped from the arms of their parents and suffer untold tragedies.  You See, Father.  You See it all.

This day, we bring these broken hearts, broken spirits and broken bodies before You.  We ask You to Heal them, to Bind up their brokenness.  We ask You to Make a way of escape for them where there is no way.

Father, Send Your angels to distract, interrupt and intervene, so that the captors are led away, and those who are held in bondage can get away.  Father, Place those in authority who will help these captives get to their families, and agencies that can help them.  Father, Send law enforcement to interrupt the activities and let them be caught on video tape in the presence of many witnesses in their lawlessness.

Father, we pray that Your Love Will Surround those who have been forced into sexual slavery, and they will come to know You.  Lord, You’ve Been Known to Wake people with dreams and visions of You.  You’ve Stepped out of tv stations in Muslim countries and Drawn Your children to Yourself.  We Please Your Mercies and Compassion on these victims that You and Your angels Will Go Forth to Rescue these lost sheep.  We Ask You to Step in and Intervene where their lives are threatened.  We ask that You Ensure that their captors become the captives in the criminal justice system.  We know that vengeance belongs to You, Lord, and we pray these things according to Thy Holy Will. Please, Father, Ensure the justice system handles these situations according to Thy Will.

Father, You Are The God of Immeasurable Love.  Your Holiness Is so Overpowering that none can see You, and none can stand before You, Except Your Precious and Holy Son.  Father, Hide these children under the Shadow of Your Wing, and Keep them safe and protected from their captors and abusers.  Make a way of escape for them, Father, and Lovingly Tend to their cries.  Father, Take their shame, guilt and sin from them.  Help them to know You Father, in Your Incredible Love.  Help them to find You in their darkest hours.  Lift them, Father, and Grant them a new birth in Yeshua (Jesus.)

Thank You, Loving Father.

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