June 6, 2023

Praying Against Worldwide Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Terrorism

This is no game. Souls are at stake. Pray with us?

Here is the answer: We were born into a war between good and evil.  You have to take a stance.  It isn’t “some from column A and some from column B.”  It’s THY WILL be done.

I posted this message on the internet today. Shortly after I hit the “send” button, someone questioned why souls would be at stake.

The Super Bowl Game, like other sporting events, concerts, and more, are filled with temptations of many kinds. There is often a tendency to “excess,” in food or drink. There is the “old boys network” attitudes that seem to take hold. Drugs are readily available. So is prostitution. Many of the prostitutes are those who have been caught in human trafficking. They are drugged out of their minds and used many times a day. It’s a form of torture that no woman should be forced to endure. These are lost souls, and need our help through fervent prayers.

Just think of how people get overly excited about the teams they love, the coaches and the players. This can result in forms of idolatry. “The win” at any cost? Many football players have had to give up the game, due to concussions. The concussion symptoms can last a lifetime, and sometimes result in death.

Those “holiday,” “anything goes,” “it’s the one thing I do all year,” attitudes can lead to perverseness. People develop a sense that “they are entitled to do as they please.” It has been shown that hospital emergency rooms often see a spike in domestic violence cases.

Remember, Yeshua (Jesus) Walked in humility, not pride. He was not “mouthy” and only once was angry and shouting. That was when the bankers of His day were exchanging the currencies of various countries at high exchange rates….in His Father’s HOLY Temple. What He Exhibited is called “Righteous Indignation.” While He Was Vehement, it was a far cry from simple anger. He Was and Is the Epitome of self-control. Watch one sports game and you see people angry at each other, angry at the coaches and the ref’s, angry at the people sitting behind them, etc. It’s all sin.

It’s all about lost souls. Those who have lost their moral compass. Those who are not rooted and grounded in Christ. Yeshua Would not “that any would perish.” This game, and these days leading up to the event, is a battle for souls. Will you love your neighbors enough to put some serious time into praising God for a mighty victory, and the saving of many souls?

Listen, I’m just the straw He’s Chosen to Pour Himself through. I take no credit for anything. Please be a part of this movement…for HIM.

Patty Thomas, Founder


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